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 The 90210. The perfect combination of denim, brass and denim. Our use of denim on the 90210 allows the snug yet comfortable feel of fabric during the work day. Contoured for maximum protection, the owner has a second skin. Simplisity in pocket design allows easy storage for pens and pads, affixed by brass studs and signature brass logo. Cotton strapping is fixed to the body of the apron via leather tags and brass studs.   The criss cross strapping feature of the 90201 allows the ease of body shape to fit from small to large - universal appeal. Solid brass used for securing waist straps. Colours:- Black - black leather strap, Charcoal - black leather strap, Sky Blue - brown leather strap  and Latte - brown leather strap. Care: Do not dry-clean or tumble dry. Hand wash in cold water and  air dry. 


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