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The combination of leather and cotton designer strapping and brass eyelets have made the Beckham Apron a favorite among our clients


Black on black with the Beckham in black with Oxford short sleeve in black

The Beckham canvas Apron. As leather craftsmen, we wanted to add that special element of leather to our denim range that create the perfect complement between the two elements - and hence the Beckham was born. Durable and fine leather make up the front of the stapping with a single brass press stud attaching it to the body of the apron. The cotton strapping can be easily removed via the other press stud, of which can be cleaned or replaced with another colour to suite your requirements. Back strappng is criss cross and feeds through waist line eyelets. Purposed postioned pockets to ease the need for quick retrival of working utilites and tools. The Beckham uses the best of poly-cotton fabric for durability.NB Leather strap attached to apron has only one press stud as per navy  Colours: Black, Green Charcoal and Navy. Care:

Womens Milarty shirt in short sleeve black with black Bechkam apron - black beckham with black strapping


Smaller top pocket and larger side pocket to avoid bulky fabric 



The Green Beckham has contracting brown leather and brown cotton strapping




Black strapping is used with the Beckham in charcoal team up the womens milaitry shirt


Brown leather and cotton strapping are matched against the navy Beckam seen here with Oxford short sleeve shirt in navy

Back view of the criss cross strapping of the Beckham Aprom

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